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Where the needs of the farmers and the land-owners matched, arrangements could then be made to draw up a lease agreement tailored to the needs of both parties. Mr O'Dowd asked the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney to fund a feasibility study for the initiative, and he received an immediate and positive response. Mr Coveney said he would "look at the idea of a portal", adding that his department had the expertise.

He said there was no reason why they couldn't support an initiative aimed at improving land mobility. The service was launched on a pilot-project basis by Macra last year to encourage and facilitate the long-term leasing of farmland.

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Mr O'Dowd said the ground-breaking initiative had proven "phenomenally" successful, with 53 leases agreed and contacts made with landowners and farmers. The Macra leader said the service would now be extended to other counties, and he described the proposal of the online portal as a possible mechanism for growing its reach and influence. Praising the work of the service, Mr Coveney bemoaned the fact that the vast majority of land-rentals in Ireland continued to be on a year-by-year or conacre basis.

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Pointing out that just 6pc of farmers were under the age of 35, Mr Coveney said the work of the Land Mobility Service would be crucial if the ambitious expansion plans for the sector were to be realised. Declan O'Brien December 11 2: Three counties, Roscommon, Cork and Kilkenny, were targeted over the past 12 months.

Matchmaking… For Farmers??

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Online matchmaker aims to save Dutch farms with no heirs

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Agricultural matchmaking at its finest.

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