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Barbini Label of the manufacture Barbini from the 70s. Earlier signatures do show: Cenedese Label of Cenedese from to It is often used in combination with the label. Vittorio Ferro Signature from Vittorio Ferro. Aldo Nason Signature from Aldo Nason. Yochi Ohira Signature of Yochi Ohira. Paper label that was used from to Transparent label of Seguso Vetri d'Arte.

Lino Tagliapietra Signature of Lino Tagliapietra. Aureliano Toso This paper label is coated with silver foil and punched. Paper label used between and Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Murano Glass Label Library After a long while, I finally put together over 60 Murano glass labels in a gallery so collectors can use the them to help identify and value their own collections! I have some from my own collection, and others are from forum members.

If you have a label that you would like to add, or some more information about a particular label please let me know or add a comment to the gallery.

How do I know if a Murano glass item is genuine? | Everything About Venice and Murano Glass

Also, if you have a label you would be interestd in adding, please let me know. Murano Label Library Let me know what you think, and any comments or suggestions you may have! The pages are on my favorites list now. I have seen one of the generic red Venetian glass labels a lot. It is good to be able to read what is written on it.

Hi Brandon, this is an interesting question.

Murano is more than merely a geographical place of production — it stands apart from all other places of decorative glass production because it signifies a long-standing tradition, history, professionalism, and skill of the local master artisans. It stands for a way of working the glass, a set of glassmaking techniques, and the source materials the likes of which do not exist elsewhere. This unique combination of exceptional quality source materials, talent, and skill, as well as the presence of a thousand-year-old Venetian glass-making tradition, all tightly concentrated in one geographical place, lead to creation of not merely pieces of decorative glassware but art glass in a true sense, which is unique and highly valued around the world, not to mention the sentimental value of Murano Glass produced in Venice, Italy.

In addition, we have to note that Murano Glass is not cheap, nor it should be, as every step of the glass-making process on Murano is completely manual and very labor-intensive, not to mention the artistic aspect, which is certainly not cheap. Hence, those seeking cheap decorative glass who do not see the special value of Murano Glass should look at pieces mass-produced in China and in other low-cost production centers.

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Please can I send you photos? How do I tell what it is — apart from my mother saying she was told it was Venetian. I am interested to find any information I can about the glass. I have seen paperweights advertised as Murano. The bases are crosshatched or rough cut.

Venetian Masks and Murano Glass

Can you tell me of anyone in the Phoenix area I can take it to for accurate evaluation? Authentic Murano Glass can be re-sold on a number of specialized online marketplaces, such as https: If your piece has a label, a signature of the master, or the paperwork or certificate specifying its Murano origin, you may be able to sell it more expensively than if it lacks any marks or signatures recognized as indicative of the Murano origin. We recommend that you research first, going through the above websites or Google images in search of the Murano Glass pieces similar to yours.

This way you can scan the prices for similar items first to make sure you are asking the price that is in line with the market expectations for similar pieces.

If you cannot establish the Murano origin and see no similar pieces online it may mean that your art glass piece is actually not Murano-made. Hi Sarah, it is usually hard to say who made a certain Murano Glass vase without a sticker or signature, as multiple factories and masters have been making similar styles of items over the years.

You can send the photos of your Murano glasses to us but as we are very busy with our day-to-day operations, thus it may take us a while to get back to you.

Glass Identification: Labels

Hi Wayne, yes, some Murano Glass artisans did finish paperweights in this fashion, the design of the base itself polished or unpolished is not necessarily a sign of Murano vs. Hi Joyce, it is usually hard to say who made a certain Murano Glass vase without a sticker or signature, as multiple factories and masters have been making similar styles of items over the years.

1. Look at the item itself (or its photos if buying online)

You can send the photo of your Murano Glass bowl to us but as we are very busy with our day-to-day operations, thus it may take us a while to get back to you. We are not affiliated with any dealers of Murano Glass in Phoenix area or anywhere else in the US, for that matter. Everything About Venice and Murano Glass. I have been asked even with receipt and appraisal the art broker wants to KNOW who was it made by? Contemporary Italian hand crafted patinated bronze standard holding 18 hand blown Murano glass tulip shades with electric lights.

Leaves and stems are green patinated.

How can you tell whether something is genuine Murano glass?

The glass is white and caramel colored. Thank you very much! Hi I have very heavy, wavy shaped, ruby coloured glass bowl with a star like pattern within the glass on the inside bottom of the bowl. It was purchased second hand, I think it is murano bbut would like to find out a bit more about it. Would be glad of any help you can give me thank you. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions! Helen, you can send us the photo by email at support glassofvenice.

La Gondola SRL where you bought this no longer exists. Many Murano Glass factories have created pieces that are very similar to each other, many factories have merged, closed, or got sold multiple times, and apart from a few very prominent Murano Glass masters, the works of most others cannot be reliably identified.

You can try to sell this in one of the specialized online marketplaces where the original receipt will be enough evidence to establish authenticity. Regards, Glass Of Venice. Hi Jean, it is impossible to determine by the description. A piece like what you are describing may have been made in- or outside of Murano.

You can email us the photo and we can take a look but please note that these requests may take a long time to respond to since we do this as a courtesy only when time allows and we are normally very busy with fulfilling orders and serving customers. You can also do some research yourself by searching in Google images for pieces similar to yours and researching those pieces further to understand where and by whom they may have been made.