Benefits of dating a white girl

This is how you communicate with your white girlfriends? DuncanSkuva how black girls are waiting for you! So Duncan wants to bring our land back by dating white girls? I like the way he thinks. Then why would you bad mouth black girls when you got yourself a white girl??? Don't explain yourself anyway!! Sorry I only date white girls White girls: He asked a white girl to a dance and she said yes. We both agree that this was only possible with this amazing book. I would recommend it to all asian citizens out in the world.

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Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. I have a sister who almost put a preference before happiness. She eventually went to the wonderful word of god and prayed about it and prayed and finally she got her answer and I now 2 nieces and a great god fearing brother-in-law!! As God leads, we should follow. I think biblically speaking we are all one race, first from Adam and Eve then later all descendants of Noah.

It may take thousands of years and hundreds of generations to get back, but we all started from the same place. One race, many ethnicities. Before I met my husband I always preferred clean shaven red heads, but then I met David. He was a bald guy with a goatee long enough for me to braid! I cant wait til the practical, this is how we do grace in the everyday, book is cowritten by Trip and Jessica!

Thank you Trip for this amazing article. Thank you again bro. Love you and your fam in Jesus. And like you said, HE knows what we need more than we do ourselves.

10 Reasons You Should Consider Dating a White Woman

Thank you for this post!! I love that you mentioned how your preferences changed when your priorities changed. God is awesome, He has the very best for each of us but we need to get out of our own way so that we can see, receive and appreciate them. My prayer is to see people as God sees them and walk in His will. Great blog that people need to read. I am Lebanese Armenian and my husband is black and we went through and are going through a lot of grief from my family.

I never had a preference of ethnicity. I am safe and secure in His will. This was a great post Trip.


This was refreshing to read and I thank God that he gave you such a great woman to help you continue glorify Him. Thanks for the inspiration in all your messages! My wife and I are white people. The Lord pushed us into adoption for our first child. In that process you can choose what you want. Anyway one of the choices you get to make is for race. So we chose not to adopt a black child because of them and the way that they would be treated when we took them back to see my grandparents.

I have often wrestled with that choice. Did we do the right thing? Were we protecting our child from that hate, or were we playing God in our own lives? We are comfortable with that choice now, because it is over, but what do you think? Even the judge who handled the case was black. That being said, they trusted God, and never encountered situations of concern. I think and believe that you and your wife did what was best for your family. God knew your hearts then, and he knows it even in this moment. Jared, I come from a family where my white parents have adopted 6 black children.

If God had truly called you to pursue raising a black child, then it should not be that easy to have your family influence you out of that decision. However, the questions need to be asked, is the decision to adopt more about me, or the child who needs a home? Can I endure all the backlash from friends and family that comes with adopting a child outside my race? Am I expecting the child to be raised in a way that forces them to give up who they are to be a member of my family? Will I leave space for my child to be able to wrestle through their identity of living between worlds?

Is society set up in way that favors more the interest of me being white person to adopt over the true needs of the child? How ethical is this adoption process? Relationships will need to be built with those who are coming from a perspective that you can never fully resonate with being black. We live in a racist world, and that has to be made so aware by you and the child you raise. If you chose to not recognize that, then you are in many ways doing a disservice to yourself and the child you adopt. Adoption is not about you getting to rescue the poor black child.

This is not about you, as a white person. In many ways these are just a few questions you need to be confronting. I posted an article below that allows you to question these things in a deeper way by inviting race into the dialogue and getting a glimpse of adoptees and their experiences. I am fortunate for my experiences and my family. In many ways, I have been granted with many possibilities to explore who I am with many opportunities, however, I do know that it comes with a cost and we need to leave space for that to be talked about.

Glad God lead you to a great wife. I really love this article. At most, the same country. Thanks for sharing your heart Trip. We are all the same when we strip the skin. God has created each one equally and uniquely according to his special design. God bless you and your family. Nothing wrong like you said Trip about marrying someone of a different race. What matters is that who ever you or I marry that they love Jesus Mark God bless you Trip and your family.

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I did not know you had married and that she is a white women, as a black women and a women of God, congrats on finding true love! You make a excellent point! I have learn from your article that it does not matter about the skin tone but what matters is how the person is walking with God and their Heart!! Thank you for sharing a beautiful story. That makes perfect sense. Since there is only one race, to be racist is to be against the human race.

There are different people groups but only one race but this seems to be a losing argument with people I have discussed it with even though its the truth. Such a true and profound statement. My father is black, mother is white, they have been married 35 years. The Lord has been gracious and faithful. Trip, this post is refreshing bro. She also happens to be of latin, french and hawaiian decent.

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So reading this has been much appreciated. Thank you for sharing and shedding light on this. The spirit of racism has hindered us for a long time in a lot of areas. I believe we are breaking through nonetheless. I have a thought, I am a native american indian I see it how you have and do trip. I studied at Southern sem. And the race issue does come up but i say it is difficult to find a wife who honors Jesus is word who is native american like me because of the cultural aspects and influences of pentacostalism and matriarchial system in native american culture.

Thanks for your words. I enjoyed reading this post Trip. I am a big fan of yours, but I like the fact that you are open about the issue of race. The only thing that should matter is if they are a Christian, and if they are aligned with the will of God for your life. Outside of the essentials, race or skin color is just a difference in how we look.

I have dated outside of my race. It was never an issue for us, but I remember times when we we get stares from others. That was never an issue with me, my family or friends. The point is, we all have our preferences, but we should focus on what God wants for our lives first. Nice to see that this conversation is positive. I thank God that you wrote the article because as a single Christian women, I understand how important it is to be fully open to what God says, including who he allows to come in to your life and even takes out of it. This within itself helps me to close off my way of thinking and perceiving in order to focus on what God wants for me and my life.

I can go from being a beautiful child of God to what some consider a mistake or a derogatory term. Preciate you speaking out on this! Hope my husband is as accepting of me as you and your wife were of each other! Good post i think that a lot of times it is not necessarily that we prefer a certain color or ethnic background, it is what you are used to.

By you being a Christian and allowing God to open your eyes you found your good thing. Big ups for the great post! This is a blessing. I prayed for a God-fearing woman and He sent me her. Thank you for your open honesty. Love does transcends all. Great story Trip and congrats. I do wish you would have made explicit that your choice of a wife had nothing to do with something being wrong with or missing in a black woman.

The story leaves a void on that area. Also, it should be made clear that perhaps your choice of a church and a school put you in a position to be around fewer black women. Many blacks live as minorities in all areas of society and this has an effect on same race marriages. Best wishes to you and your family b. We get some of the same questions and odd stares, but we know we were ordained by God to be a family!

God brings those in our lives that we need to have, in order to challenge us to make us better. So what if someone appears different from me on the outside. Like you, we should all be seeking those with a God seeking heart that is the most beautiful attribute one can possess. We have to trust our Heavenly Father that he knows what we need. My main thing is I want a husband that fears God and I love how u said that main thing supersedes race even though God will bless us with the desires of our heart.

Great post n God bless. Great job of not only expressing yourself, but doing so in a way that others will understand. God Bless you and your family. Keep doing what you are doing my brother in Christ. Black, white or purple, color plays no role when it comes to the body of Christ uniting. Points to issues of pride. But really encouraged by the comments supporting interracial relationships. I wish my family shared these views.

We are people with different shades of skin all affected by sin. Once we have a relationship with Christ, His will becomes our will and His will was for you to wife your wife lol…. He designed her especially for you in vice-versa. Seek Him first and all things shall be added unto you including the right spouse. God Bless your Union Trip.

Thank you for sharing your personal experience. Gods Marriage covenant does not consist of color or race. His eternal Love exceeds all..

8 Reasons You Might Consider Dating a White Woman

So glad you posted this. What a great article, and Im glad that there are people out there like you who are opening up the conversation about a subject like this and being real with it, because there always seems to be a stigma attached to interracial relationships. We got married young just like you and your wife, I was 21 and he was We had a small wedding and over half of my family refused to come. My husband is accepted now, and my mum would acknowledge him as her son in law now which is a huge deal for us! Thank you for sharing trip.

Youre story was a blessing. God Bless you and your beautiful little fam! LOL… but this is also wrong. Unfortunately, in my experience, what I felt was an open hand preference, and surrendered it in favor of the Godly man before me,became a serious source of tension in my marriage, many years later, when my husband gained alot of weight, on top of what I already considered was an overweight frame. I had always been attracted to more athletic types, so when I was faced with even more weight gain, I admit, I was sexually turned off.

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  8. That led to conflict, and the conflict made my preference become a mountain. Because of that they have dated people from all races and have been exposed to many cultures. Those terms are bunk. Praise God we are all of the one Adamic race. Even though we are different ethnicities, we are reconciled in Christ! Thanks for writing this. You are such an encouragement, and I praise God there are godly couples like you and your wife out there.

    This was so awesome to read! I myself have dealt with the disppointing and rasist comments. My husband is white and I am black. We both come from to totally diffrent worlds. I never thought I would marry outside my race. I even vainly prayed that God would seen me a black man with dreads lol. But I thank God he knew what was best for me and blessed not with just a white man but my king on earth!

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    Not to tell all our biz but we have been struggling with fertility issues and I thank God for my husband because he has continued to encourage me. We love your music and your ministry. God bless you and your family! I am white, and my husband is black. Like, who are you to judge my marriage. And just know your true fans know why she is your wife. Man looks on the Outside and God looks at the heart.

    My wife often quotes that A womans heart should be so hidden in God. That a man has to seek him in Order to really Find her…. Why ethnicity is still an issue. I will continue to grown in birth pangs until Christ be formed in us all.

    Duncan gets heat for declaring: 'I only date white girls'

    I am not married yet but a lot of my cousins are and they are married to people from different races from all around the world. The Lord looks at the heart and so should we as humans in friendships and romantic relationships. This inspired and blessed me in so many ways. I look forward to the day I meet my spouse knowing he was hand picked and designed for me!

    We have to get to that place above all else where we turn to God and accept all He has for us. Dig this He already knows. So we have to be mindful of what we ask or pray for. What u want is not always what u need! Trust God make your petitions known and allow Him to do what He do! She is an amazing person with an amazing heart. You two have an amazing influence on people as a married couple who are in love with each other and Jesus.

    Just thank you so much for looking at the heart and not the color on the face. May the lord continue bless your family! Trip, thank you for preaching the truth to the misinformed and to me personally. Thats what matters the most. Plus you have the full love and support of my home church. I enjoyed reading this post, Trip. It hits close to home. I am also in an interracial marriage.