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By the late s, dating shows needed to continue to evolve in order to compete with other programs. Strategies dating shows adopted included hiring polished hosts, borrowing set designs and show formats from Western reality shows, and incorporating technology to better interact with audience members and TV viewers at home.

Some shows started collaborating with online dating websites like baihe. Others partnered with corporations to boost advertising revenues. Many sponsors sell products we associate with romance and dating, such as cosmetics, clothing, diet drinks and dating website memberships. Moments from some shows have gone viral, with many emphasizing materialistic values. While a free-market economy and state authoritarianism appear contradictory, the authorities will often intervene to try to strike a balance.

And so love and marriage continue to operate within the wobbly framework of a Chinese state that attempts to simultaneously control and profit from an onslaught of global forces.

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The Dating Game

Follow us on social media. Because nothing says true love like your mom telling someone that you have a rockin' bod. Doesn't every girl want to marry a prince? Except he was not really Prince Harry, but a lookalike named Matthew Hicks. The show was canceled after only 4 episodes with the rest airing online , but it was enough to establish itself as one of the more bizarre of recent reality shows. I Wanna Marry "Harry" had all of the classic dating show tropes, including the smart girl, the crazy one, the sexy school teacher and the suitor who just wanted to find a girl to love him for who he really is a fake prince.

But the show did not take off in the same way as many of the others because of the absurd lie contained at its very core, and the disbelief that accompanied it in the age of the internet. What is more important to a person: The person doing the choosing had no idea the other contestants were offered this deal.

As the show went on over its 4 season run the twist changed each time to give it a new edge. Like most of these reality dating shows, it seems the chances of finding true love are pretty slim.

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Which is more than anyone can ask for, really. Five women sit in chairs as 3o men go by on a literal conveyor belt. They have to decide, using paddles, if they are "interested" or "not interested" based solely on the man's looks and his 60 second elevator pitch. If two women decide they like the same guy, the man then gets to choose.

And thus the conveyor belt continues round and round again until one man is left rotating. The finale couples then go on a date. Sadly, it did not and the single episode was all viewers got to see the men's impersonations, turkey calls and poem recitations. Conveyor Belt of Love is perhaps one of the more fun and harmless of these dating shows. There were no gimmicks or tricks other than the ones the guys used to woo the ladies. It was kind of sweet in its own way.


They had to eliminate the people within these categories whom they did not want to date. The eliminated men or women would then parade by the picker so they could see what a mistake they made or did not make. Do looks matter or is love truly blind? From the first initial group they must choose a person to go on a one-on-one date with, again all in the dark.

Throughout the show the host gives clues, including a peek inside the person's bag and a look at personality profiles, so the individuals can get to know each other better. Sometimes it did all end well, with the couples deciding to date further, but the potential for rejection based purely on physical appearance was always there. It was not until the final woman remained that the truth was revealed, and 40 million viewers tuned in to find out if she would still choose to love a man who had lied to her.

The dates sit by in a van a MTV dating show staple , commenting on the action and sometimes explaining the reason for their mess. The teen would then go on dates with these new people, all while their parents watched with their kid's current beau. There's nothing more awkward than going on a date while being watched by your parents There were almost always foul-mouthed confrontations between the parents and current partner.

And rarely did the dater choose to date someone their parents wanted. But we ended up watching all the same, just in case. Five people all sitting on a bus waiting to see if their true love was waiting outside. If they made it off the bus though they got to go on a date. We watched it for the antics of the remaining people left on the bus. Next was also made great by the contestant introductions. Feel free to use any of these to update your Tinder bio.


Chains of Love is a perplexing. They spend every waking and sleeping moment chained together for four days; testing boundaries, personal space, and the amount of things people can do while chained together. At the end of the fourth day, the picker has to choose who annoyed them the least. There are also challenges along the way the group has to go through, like-team building activities and dates.