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This is a big question, and it's related directly to the size and location of the living space in question. Apartment envy Or it could go the other way: The fitness requirements Denver and all of Colorado is decidedly obsessed with fitness and the outdoors. Staying fit is one thing, and being healthy is important. No one cares about home brew Hobbies are good.

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We appreciate that you have a hobby. Everyone wants us to try their new beer. This one tastes like cherries, this one goes down like root beer. It gets tough spending most of your time supporting someone's dream of being the next famous so-and-so.

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This is just a bad idea in general. No one wants to see your junk.

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This includes you, ladies. Foodie culture If you enjoy knowing from which region your balsamic comes, then you can stop reading this now. Do you prefer your persimmons farm-to-table?

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Are you still insisting that you enjoy kale? Does your popcorn come in ten flavors ranging from sweet to umami? Jesus Christ, is everyone in a band? If the rates continue as is, 1 in 49 people in the state of Maryland will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.

There are already 32, people in the state of Maryland living with HIV, and 23, of them are Black 1, are Latinx, are Asian, and 4, are White. The city saw an increase of over a hundred from the year before — in there were 1, new diagnoses. Texas itself has 77, residents living with HIV as of The nation's capital comes in as the having the 12th highest rates of HIV.

The area including Washington, D. In total, there were 19, people living with the HIV in these regions.

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That year, new cases were added to the mix. The neon city known for its casinos is also number 14 in the cities with the highest rates of HIV. This number reflects the majority of HIV-positive people residing in the state of Nevada totals 8, As for men, the majority Unfortunately, what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. Just as this list started with a Florida city, it ends there as well.

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Petersburg metropolitian area accounts for 11, people living with HIV in the state. In , residents were newly diagnosed with HIV and cases had already escalated to HIV stage 3 before diagnosis. In addition, the weather is usually not terrific, and there is high unemployment in the area.

Learn more about Paterson, NJ. Being able to stand six months of darkness is certainly a trial for residents of the far northern city of Anchorage, Alaska, and with roots as a construction port for the state the hardened residents certainly experience a harsh lifestyle.

Anchorage was the site of one of the largest earthquakes ever seen in the world when in , an earthquake measuring 9. The weather that residents have to put up with is nothing less than terrible. If it's not snowing many feet each day, it's dark and cold, and the streets are filled with unplowed mountains of snow. The city government doesn't even bother to plow the roads.

Learn more about Anchorage, AK. What started out as a tiny trading post centuries ago, eventually grew to be New York's second most-populous city and many decades of fighting between French and British forces kept the city in flux for many years before things settled down in the s.

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Unfortunately, the city has experienced an incredible exodus of people since the s when the population began plummeting from a high of K in to a low of K in Today's residents are forced to put up with low income potential, a decrepit housing market, and a crime-ridden city where violent crimes occur over percent more often than other areas in New York State. Economic conditions in the city were so bad during the Great Recession that the city nearly went bankrupt. Learn more about Buffalo, NY. You can refer to our Best Places to Live report for real-time, up-to-date and interactive top best and worst list of cities.

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