Dating too much too soon

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Why You Shouldn’t Date a Guy Who Moves Too Fast

He sounded better and better. Before we left, he asked for my phone number. I could already picture my friends back in New York warning me that he was coming on too strong too soon.

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This was a guy I had known for all of 2 hours. I prefer dogs to cats.

The Best Dating Relationships Develop out of Great Friendships

I would take the loud and rambunctious over the quiet and hip. Even if I drown. T he next morning, he texted me as I made my way to the airport.

Dating This Guy: Too Much Too Soon

We exchanged witty banter about our favorite bands and teasing each other in the flirty way that makes you involuntarily grin like the Cheshire Cat at all times. The message glowed with romance. Like those characters, our love was instant and intense, and thankfully unlike them, we would not die in an arctic grave. Our love would conquer all.

I texted him a photo. My dark hair was wavy and flowing in the wind while a beam of sunlight shone across the picture. Even if he never got around to drawing that portrait, he would certainly have a reminder of why he should come to NYC.

There were many goddesses. Was I Aphrodite the goddess of love or Athena the goddess of war? He called me the next day after work.

Dating too soon. Dating for the wrong reasons. Dating when insecure.

We talked about our goals and dreams and traded stories about our families. He told me of his mother who had died of cancer when he was only I got it after she passed. I had noticed it; it was creepy. I thought it was one of those tattoos you get on a dare. Or some character from his favorite horror movie. We have deep seated insecurities. Low self-esteem and also a fear of abandonment. We are replicating dysfunctional patterns to try to conquer them.

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We can rescue them. We need fixing ourselves.

Dating for the wrong reasons

We need to face it, to heal it. When you are dating too soon. Your worth is determined only when someone loves you, is having sex with you or paying you attention. Feel those feelings and identify how they came to be within you as a child. Get support and help if you need to. Work on your self-esteem. Put your needs first. Find happiness within you first.