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By Anneta Konstantinides For Dailymail. A professional video game player has dumped the woman known as the 'World's Sexiest Weather Girl' so that he can spend more time playing Call of Duty. Garcia appeared to confirm the news on Friday, tweeting that she was 'heartbroken'.

Martin, 23, filmed a minute video to explain why he ended his three-year relationship with the model and TV star. Garcia, who also models, made international headlines after clips of her forecasts went viral.

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She's beautiful, she's smart, she was an awesome girlfriend,' he continued. Martin revealed that he had flown 'all the way out to Mexico' from New York three years ago to meet Yanet. They began dating and eventually moved in together in New York for a year. But Martin said everything changed when Yanet decided to go back to Mexico City to pursue acting and modeling and return to her job as a weather girl.

Martin revealed that he had flown 'all the way out to Mexico' from New York three years ago to meet Yanet and the pair began to date.

YouTube star dumps 'World's Sexiest Weather Girl' so he can spend more time playing CALL OF DUTY

I didn't think it was going to be that difficult. But Martin found it harder to do a long-distance relationship the second time around because he was spending so much time playing the video game. It's not like I don't want to do this, this is the career that I want. He frequently posted pictures of Yanet on his Instagram and the pair even lived together in New York for a year.

But Martin said everything changed when Yanet decided to return to Mexico City and return to her job as a weather girl and pursue acting and modeling. Martin said he had to pick his 'poison' of what he wanted to spend his 'time and focus on', and the video game won.

YouTube star dumps girlfriend to play Call of Duty

Martin said he didn't have time to fly out to see her because he was dedicated to playing Call of Duty professionally. Garcia confirmed the break-up when she tweeted that she was 'heartbroken' last week. Three days later she tweeted this, which translate to: The phrase translates to: Garcia, who has 6. After writing that she was heartbroken, Garcia retweeted a tweet that read: Thursday, Jan 17th 5-Day Forecast. Scroll down for video. Share this article Share.

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Top UK hedge fund manager warns: Army Reservists are called up in preparation for no-deal Brexit: Troops will be on standby on the streets Even if you don't recognize Tim and Eric themselves, they do regularly work with a face you have to recognize: Flo from Progressive Insurance. Before she started grinning maniacally for Progressive, actress Stephanie Courtney provided the monstrous voice of Joy Peters, the oppressive and cruel wife of Tom Peters, the titular character in Tom Goes to the Mayor.

She would also appear as a music video dancer in the same show, a casting director in Awesome Show! One of the duo's most popular characters is Dr. Steve Brule, played amazingly by John C.

The good doctor is so popular, even viewers who despise Tim and Eric can appreciate Brule's off-kilter exploration of modern life. After many appearances on Awesome Show , Dr.


Brule got a spinoff and was invited to do a ton of alt-comedy interviews. The only problem is that Reilly outright refuses to answer any questions about the character, instead representing himself as a mere acquaintance of Brule, in order to maintain the goofy mystery about Steve. We'll probably never know the influences that helped create the character, and Reilly's refusal to disclose a single idea makes him that much stranger.

Fans of era MTV may remember a two-season, faux-reality, pseudo-nerd show called My Life as Liz , starring high schooler Liz Lee as she ventured off to college from small-town Texas. Not long after the show was dropped in , year old Lee was spotted just about everywhere with year old Eric Wareheim. While the relationship didn't seem to last long, both MTV-hungry teens and Tim and Eric devotees savagely criticized the relationship for the huge age disparity between the two. It's not that Tim Heidecker is hiding any deep dark secrets probably , but he only recently revealed that he has a wife and child — a big surprise to his legions of fans.

While Vice made brief mention of this back in , the full revelation came in the lyrics of his most recent album, In Glendale, a serious soft-rock album about his life in California.

The untold truth of Tim & Eric

Previous Heidecker albums have been exclusively about bodily excretions, Herman Cain campaign songs, or parodies of basically everything else, so In Glendale's honesty came as a shock — many fans still aren't sure about what it all means, especially since Heidecker usually maintains an Andy Kaufman-like wall of inauthenticity about him. The only other time that Heidecker has been truly, and obviously, honest about his actual life was when he was almost killed in In both his now-defunct personal blog , and a later " live storytelling session ," Tim mapped out the deadly assault, made by a neighbor's son while he was evidently high on pot laced with PCP, and included some pretty gory photos of where he was knifed twice in the shoulder.

After being stabbed and making a sprint through the streets, Heidecker ran into a bar for assistance, where the assailant was tackled by a group of patrons.