Hook up radio on golf cart

There are overhead golf cart radio consoles that attach to the top of your golf cart.

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This keeps the console, radio, and speakers out of your way when driving. They are made specific to the make and model of your cart, as well as to the type of golf cart top you have. They come in a variety of colors to match other custom interior parts that you may have. Also, these consoles come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your radio.

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For instance, you will need a deeper radio compartment if your radio has a CD player or a special sized compartment for your satellite radio. If you prefer your radio to be in your dash, much like a regular car, then consider getting a dash console with space for a radio. Most dash covers come with useful features like cup holders, lockable compartments, and space for your radio.

Like most golf cart accessories, not all golf cart dashes are created equal. Find one that fits your make and model, and make sure that it is golf cart stereo ready.

Radios on golf carts - Mudbugs Golf Carts

Your email address will not be published. Guide to Golf Carts Latest News. I know im gonna add a extra battery for all this.

Where does Radio Constant for 8v (6 battery) cart hook up at?

My question is the radio hook up it says i have to have it wired to a pos leaad and to the ignition also, how do i do this with just a 12 volt battery with no ignition. The "ACC" wire on the back of the stereo is the wired being referred to as the "ignition" wire. It's designed to be powered up only when the keyswitch is on. That's why your stereo in your car won't turn on until you turn on the key. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to install a toggle switch to serve as the keyswitch.

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  • Radio on golf cart.

The second positive lead for hookup is probably a constant supply for radio memory. I'm going to take it as we're working with a newer radio here without a touch screen or video playback, and it has the standardized wiring colors.

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Red Wire - Hook it to the positive side of the extra battery. A toggle switch can be used in line to turn the power off when you don't want it running or you can do like I'm going to do and just switch it off with the radio's power button. Yellow Wire - Hook it to the positive side of the extra battery. This wire is for the radio's memory and settings, it should be constantly powered without a switch. Black Wire - Hook it to the negative side of the extra battery. IF it has an Orange Wire - This is usually an illumination wire that hooks to your dash lights to dim the display at night when your head lights are on.

Just tape it up into the harness. Please check your radio's instructions to confirm this. Blue Wire - This is an amp turn on lead or power antenna lead. Unless you have one of these, just tape it up into the harness.

Golf Cart Radios

All the other wires are for the speakers, hook them up as per the radio's instructions. For the Fuse Block, just run a heavy gauge wire from the positive side of your extra battery to the positive connection of the fuse block. After everything is mounted and checked, just hook your Red and Yellow wires to seperate fuses on the fuse block. If the fuse block has a grounding point, run it to the negative side of the extra battery.