How do you hook up telephone wires

From there, the pair of wires is connected to each phone jack in your house usually using red and green wires. If your house has two phone lines, then two separate pairs of copper wires run from the road to your house. The second pair is usually colored yellow and black inside your house. See What do the little boxes that the phone company has around our neighborhood do? Along the road runs a thick cable packed with or more copper pairs. Your email address will not be published. Let us know what you have to say: Leave this field empty.

We have NO NID at our house, the wires come through the basement wall and terminate in the ceiling on a block with 2 terminals. Have called the technician. In this house, there are actually 3 lines coming in through the wall. Phone service was turned on when we were out of town. I thought perhaps the patina of the terminals were causing it to make no contact? The number rings and is answered by the voicemail, but no service in the house.

Any help would be appreciated as I await a callback from the technician…. Hi I bought socket which is rj11 end and I struggle to get internet even I have rj11 split to phone line and router. On old socket are white and orange connected and it works. I was wondering if you could be so kind as to help me in my predicament. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Basically I have the following wires ends visible from top to bottom or left to right depending on the orientation of the pic: One pair is all you need. I think the problem there may be that the dial tone and ring have not changed between pulse and tone, but the dialing did. The current phone system there may not support pulse dialing, which is what your antique phone may be using.

Hi, I need help please. I have an old antique phone which years ago had been wired up but am having trouble joining it to a new cable.

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I have paired the red to black, blue to green, black to yellow and white to red. All works including the ringing bells and dial tone. I am in Australia if this makes any difference!! Do you think there may be trouble with wiring in phone box outside house? How can I fix that?

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How Telephones Work

Wat is hier verkeerd? Anyhow the oblong box only has plain colours not stripped and I have no idea where they go. Theres 8 wires red green black etc and 8 places where they can be screwed into E. I added onto my old house, contractor left me to wire up the new phone wires to the old phone box on the out side of my house.

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Also polarity is not an issue. I am a IT Contractor. I have been doing some business phone installs and repairs for various companies as Spencer Technology and Granite Technology in my local area in NC. We have a master socket in the hallway, directly next to this is a standard socket. From the standard socket we have a telephone extension for phone and internet.

We also have a connection going to the sky box. All of this is basically piggy backing from the one connection. All the equipment works fine, however, the wiring is a mess and can be knocked easily. Hi Can you help? I have a master socket which is working ok. There is also an extension socket, which i intend to use for my Sky box. I was looking to move this, and undid the front plate, and all the wires fell out as i undid the screws. The wires colours i have are: I do not need the ringer part of the extension.

I have tried umpteen different configurations, but cannot get it to work — Help! We moved our phone line to another room by disconnecting the phone jack and running the wire through the wall. I am in trouble for not writing the color connections down before I removed the jack.

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There will be 5 voice lines and one fax. I appreciate helpful info and free! Mainly because of budget issues.

The Basics of Telephone Wiring

Also, I am a do-it- yourselfer. We just moved into our house which is about 30 years old. The phone jacks have been pulled out so all I have is the wire coming out. The wires are orange, red, blue and white; the jacks we have the wires were previously connected to these same jacks indicate white, black, yellow and red. Where do I connect which wire? Well, we finally got around to installing a new jack and oh the excitement when plugging in the phone to test it first and it worked.

How can this be? The same thing happened to me. I had to put filters on all of the phone jacks for them to work. The filters just plug into the phone jack and you plug the phone into the filter. Note that black is swapped for green, and yellow is swapped for red.

Of course, it would also work if you consistently swapped the black and yellow wires the other way black for red, yellow for green but that is not the standard. Given that you have to be consistent between the two ends of the wire, you might as well follow the standard. Converting a jack to Line 2 means that you will no longer be able to use it for Line 1. In practice, you'll probably want to install a second wiring block beside the first, and use a short piece of four-strand wire to extend the system from the existing block to the new one.

This way, you can have a Line 1 jack right beside the Line 2 jack. Repairpersons have sometimes remedied this by running the one phone line across the black and yellow wires rather than replacing the cabling. If this has happened, you won't be able to run a second line thru the four-strand wire. This is uncommon, but it is a gotcha to be aware of.

Four-strand wire supports up to two phone lines. If you are installing three or four lines, you might also consider buying eight-strand wire.

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The color coding conventions for this kind of wire are as follows:. There's also six-strand wire, which is the same as eight-strand wire with the brown pair left out. This color system actually extends up thru other colors to distinguish 25 different pairs, but even the most techno-geeky of us will probably never have that many phone lines in our homes.

If you're interested, you can get the details to this system at Phone-Man's Home Page. If you have very old existing wiring in your house, it may not follow the conventions described above, but new wiring should follow them. If you think you've got everything hooked up correctly, but one or more of your lines is "dead" no dial tone , the problem might be the local phone company's problem, or it might be in your own wiring. Be sure that the problem isn't in your own wiring or in one of your own phones before you call the phone company to check on the problem.

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If they determine that the problem is on their side of the network interface device, they have to fix the problem at no charge to you; but if they determine that the problem is on your side of the network interface device, they'll charge you just for having determined this, and they'll charge you a second time if you have them make the fix in your wiring for you.

So how can you tell whose problem it is? You can unplug the jack for the line in question note that doing this unplugs your whole house from the phone company's network and plug a working phone into the jack instead. This phone is now hooked directly into the phone company's network.

If the phone works properly when connected in this manner, then the problem is in your own wiring.

What do the yellow and black wires in a home telephone jack do?

If the phone doesn't work, either your phone is broken or there's a problem in the phone company's network. Try a second phone which you know to work, and if there still seems to be no service on the line, the problem is probably on the phone company's side of the network interface device. If you're getting static on the line, it's possible that there's a hole somewhere in the wire insulation which is letting in moisture and causing a short.

Follow the wire from the network interface device to the jack and look for holes. For example, if you've used staples to fasten the wire to the wall, check for a staple puncturing the insulation. There isn't any one right way to plan your house wiring. Star topology potentially uses a good bit more wire, but it is easier to troubleshoot because each jack is independent of the others.

Fishing the wire is probably the most time-consuming part of the whole job, so if I'm just putting in one new jack, I'd usually rather just jump off of an existing jack than take the time to run a whole new wire all the way from the basement to the second floor. However, if the house has old, premodern wiring, the advantage to running a whole new wire is that I know exactly what I'm dealing with.

This section doesn't attempt to cover all the gadgets and parts related to phone wiring.